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About Al-Banan Group

This is a business plan for Al-Banan Group, a pharmaceutical distribution business located in Iraq.

Al-Banan’s business first incorporated in 2005 and since then the business has grown substantially. Now AL-Banan group becomes one of the leading distributors of pharmaceuticals, OTC products and disposable medical and dental products in Iraq.

We are an agent of many pharmaceutical companies

Mediphar Laboratories – Lebanon. 
Mission Vivacare – India.. 
Aevitas Biopharma-Uk

We have advanced supply chain management system that allows  to deliver over 1800 order per month.


Our business aims at providing the Arab world and the Levant with solid and dependable, high-quality medicine. Our goal is to make our brands become the preferred brands in the region. 

We also aim at providing fertility drugs to young families that have fertility issues.


At Al-Banan Group, our unwavering commitment lies in actively contributing to the continuous advancement of the healthcare sector in Iraq through the provision of exemplary products and services. We aspire to attain a distinguished position as one of Iraq's premier pharmaceutical distributors, firmly rooted in our principles of unwavering integrity and partnership excellence. Our ethos is founded upon the principles of responsiveness and professionalism, ensuring we meet the dynamic demands of the market with precision. We are dedicated and resolute in our pursuit of mutual goals, consistently fostering a positive working environment that not only enhances Al-Banan Group but also attracts esteemed partners."

Telephone: +964 771 026 2746


Address: Al-yarmouk, District 612, Alleyway 2, Building 8.

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